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SALC Learning Materials

Study Plan Chart

Self Study Log

Learning Resources

[A] Study Plan Chart

This file will help you to make a realistic study plan for yourself.



[B] Self Study Log

Keeping track of your study will help you to reflect on your learning.


[C] Learning Resources

This file shows you some useful learning methods and resources recommended by English teachers.


 Language Learning Strategies  (LLS)

Language Learning Strategies (LLS) are the "specific actions taken by the learners to make learning easier, faster, more enjoyable, more self-directed, more effective, and more transferable to new situations (Oxford, 1990)." If you would like to learn more about LLS to improve your learning, please visit the following website designed by English teachers and students at APU.


言語学習ストラテジー (LLS)とは、「言語学習をより簡単に、速く、楽しく、自分中心で、効果的で、様々な状況に対応しやすくするために学習者がとる具体的な手立て」(オックスフォード, 1990) のことです。自分の学びをより良いものにするためにこのLLSについてもっと知りたい人は、APU教員と学生で作った以下のウェブサイトを訪れてみてください。

参照: Oxford, R. L. (1990). Language learning strategies: What every teacher should know. Newbury House.


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